[svlug] Take 3: "Secrets of the Linux Developers Elite"...Action

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Mon Mar 24 23:29:54 PST 2003

begin Ukulelekid at aol.com quotation of Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 12:34:13AM -0500:

> Media Overdrive, which has outdated information on the web site, is not part 
> of the Linux series. I thought this was super obvious.

It shows that you have an arrogant disrespect for other people's

People usually don't object to advertising when it's relevant and
when it helps support something a person wants to read or watch.
(Look at search engine text ads or magazine ads) When you make a
service such as phone or email LESS valuable, you're a parasite.

    A significant benefit to voice messaging is the must listen
    factor. This means that when an individual has four message
    lights blinking on their answering machine, they must listen
    to the messages sequentially. There is no title bar or ID on
    the answering machine, so they have to listen to each message
    before deciding if it is important to them. Direct mail and even
    E-mail are scannable, and can be deleted or trashed before your
    message is heard or seen. In fact, on average, over 98 percent
    of marketing messages delivered that way are never heard or
    seen. Not so with voice messaging: our reporting shows a built
    in +/- 52% LTR (listen to rate).

Please unsubscribe from the list and take some time to think about
what you have done wrong.

National Do Not Call list:

And of course:

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