[svlug] Re: Apology Demanded

marc_news@merlins.org marc_news at merlins.org
Mon Mar 24 22:30:27 PST 2003

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 11:52:28PM -0500, Ukulelekid at aol.com wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> Your spam mail was unprofessional, inapproriate and completely irresponsible.

Nice try but I actually didn't Email you outside of the one mail that
foolishly said I had forwarded your message to the list. You are apparently
so stupid that you mistook the flames from an svlug member for mine.

(my bad for not reading your post better, but our members did that for
me, and at least one of them told you what he/she thought of you and
your business. Wasn't me though).

That said:

The Media Overdrive Voice System At Work:

Our system dials the home or business phone number on the recipient
list. The sophisticated voice analysis module in our software recognizes
the difference between a live human voice and an answering machine or
voice mail.

The system will decide how to proceed after analyzing the two different

Live Human Voice -- The system will silently terminate the call.

Answering Machine or Voice Mail -- The system will leave your
prerecorded message on the unit.

This technique delivers your marketing message as a voice record for the
recipient to play back later at their convenience

You are indeed a low life spammer, and would I have done more homework,
I would have blacklisted you right away (which I have done now).

> The voice messaging business is a side business of mine and is not what this 
> linux series is about...please go to this url and see the series I have done 
> on innovative developers in the wireless sector.
Couldn't care less. You are scum.

I will contact IBM tomorrow to let them know what negative publicity
they just bought themselves with you and I though I would let you know
that my phone is now automatically rejecting your calls and trashing
your voicemails. I have also reported you to my phone company, and
tomorrow to the police for phone harassment.

All that said, I certainly do not recommend to any svlug members to spam your
two Emails: Ukulelekid at aol.com, john at mediaoverdrive.com, or your phone number
415-699-6910 since that would be illegal (just like your overdrive voice system),
however I'm sure that all 500+ of them can each contact you once and tell you
how much they love you and how foolish your unapproved direct posts to the list
from your AOL address, were.

Have a nice life.
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