[svlug] Home Networking - I need help

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Mon Mar 24 18:21:20 PST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Walter Reed wrote:
> Software aside, the hardware is the problem. The only boards out there I
> know of that do this kind of thing run on the order of $1K which is a
> little silly since I can get a stand-alone mini 2x6 key system for ~$100
> that has auto attendant, voice mail, music on hold, and many of the
> other features of a full business phone system.
> On the cheap, the telco side can be handled via a couple decent voice modems,
> but the extension side I can only come up with something like Quicknet's
> PhoneJack which is one slot per port (Stupid.) This is not a really
> viable solution since you have to manually sling voice data around in
> real-time. You Really need an all-in-one board that does the dirty work,
> yet gives you access to call processing, etc.
> You can check out:
> http://www.voicetronix.com.au/hda.htm

You can get the hardware you need via digium.  <http://www.digium.com/>

All this guy needs is one FXO board and a few FXS interfaces.  Digium
has FXS->USB interfaces.  (S100U)  And Digium just announced their
1-4 port FXS boards.  (for those not knowledgable in these telecom terms...
FXO=port you plug into the wall.  FXS=port you plug the telephone into.)

Yes, Astrisk emulates the TDM backplane in the kernel.  (software based)
But this allows other things to be easily tied in.  Astrisk can run TDM over
Ethernet (TDMoE) to bridge multiple servers together.  Astrisk runs three
different VoIP protocol stacks.  (IAX (its own protocol), SIP and H323)
A 200MHz machine would handle the TDM backplane emulation just fine.
(I am going to try to run it on a dual 200MHz Pentium Pro with 1GB.)

And with their AGI (akin to CGI in the web world) you can create your own
voice applications.  You have filtering and auto call routing based on
Caller ID and past history (retrieved from MySQL.)

Without using the AGI stuff, everything is ready to go.  Just modify the
config files.

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