[svlug] Home Networking - I need help

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Mar 24 12:13:32 PST 2003

James Colannino writes:

Please don't crosspost between SVLUG and other lists.  I've trimmed
the others out.

This sounds like an admirable project, and I have always wanted to do
much the same (I have an office in my home that's wired up, but
integrating it into other rooms of the house has never gotten off the
ground).  I hope you'll post about your progress as you proceed.

I just have one point to comment about:

>-A mail server (I could use the central server for that) for email sent 
>within the local intranet.  Also, I would like the mail server to be 
>used for the sending and receiving of emial to and from the internet, 
>along with a registered domain, thus eliminating the dependence on our ISP.

You'll find that your outgoing mail will be rejected by a lot of
people's spam filters.  Most broadband services are blocked by spam
filters because spammers tend to not use the ISP's mail server (for
reasons which should be obvious).

Also I've found it's nice to have the ISP collect the email because if
I'm on vacation and my machine crashes, all the email starts bouncing.
I'd rather rely on the LOS provided by the ISP and their skilled
people rather than my own part-time pseudo-competence.  (I use
fetchmail to retrieve it from the ISP and am very happy with the
results.)  It also allows me to avoid some kinds of malicious hacks,
since mail servers are a prime target for buffer overflow attacks.

However, for mail between the various nodes on your network, having
your own mail server is a good idea.


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