[svlug] CUPS printing (newbie)

Ron theotiwii at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 20 08:28:14 PST 2003

Subba Rao wrote:

I don't use KWord, for OpenOffice:

<optimisticAnswer> locate a PPD file, go into the OpenOffice Printer
Administration (A separate program, not accessed through OpenOffice
Writer), and install the new PPD file via the "New Printer..." button.

<alternateAnswer> Installing CUPS from scratch (and source) on my
network (RH 7.2) was NOT intuitive, here are a few recommendations:

- Spend a week+ on the cups mailing list:

	cups at easysw.com

- Bookmark the documentation page:


- For OpenOffice, read this page on PPD files:


- Gimp-Print "rocks," when you get CUPS working add Gimp-Print to the
mix (providing your printer is supported).

- Pay attention to what CUPS does with the "lp" commands... when you are
testing your CUPS installation, you might want to use the "CUPS" version
of the same command (lpr.cups) until you are sure what's up.  (On my
system it boiled down to weird behavior by the package "Alternatives," a
Debian utility for managing concurrent software... in RH, I believe it
is a part of the chkconfig package).


> Also, how do I add it as the network printer to the Samba server?  I need to
> print from a Windows client.

You might consider an alternate method, IPP, the TCP/IP printer service
(see http://www.cups.org/faq0015.html) this bypasses SAMBA and I expect
there is Windows support. For SAMBA, here is a CUPS FAQ

Good luck!


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