[svlug] CUPS printing (newbie)

Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Wed Mar 19 23:12:03 PST 2003

Once you have configured the printer, the command line is straightforward.  
There are two possible ways.

1.  If you have a file on disk, you can print it by
      lp <file>

Note, substitute your file for <file>.  Don't use the angle brackets <> on the 
real command.

2.  You can also use other programs on the command line to generate some 
information and then pipe it to the printer instead of the screen.  In 
general, the command line looks like:

     <some_Linux_commands>  | lp

For example, to print file names, use `ls` to get the names the result looks 
       ls | lp

Now you can do anything you like with scripts in the command line and send the 
results to the printer.

A trivial example is to use the cat command:
        cat <file>         ;; This opens the specified file and by default sends
it to the display.

        cat <file> | lp    ;; now the output is printed.

Lastly you can apply various options to the lp command.  Check the man pages.  
I often find it awkward to read the man pages on the display so back to the printer:

         man lp  | lp

( I've been having my own "fun" with the printer installation, but my difficulties
were because the printer is connected to a Windows machine and there were 
some subtlties regarding passwords and workgroups which were handled rather
transparently for the windows network, but needed explicit work for configuring
to work with Linux.)

Subba Rao writes:

I am a newbie to CUPS printing system.  I have installed it on my Debian 3.0
(woody) system. Now I can print test pages thru the Browser.

How do I print from KWord, OpenOffice Writer and even from command line?

Also, how do I add it as the network printer to the Samba server?  I need to
print from a Windows client.

Thank you in advance for any help.

-- Subba Rao subba9 at cablespeed.com

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