[svlug] NT -> Linux/Samba/AFS migration

David E. Fox dfox at m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com
Wed Mar 19 22:08:47 PST 2003

> You can't have "/" in a filename on Linux.  I didn't think you could
> on Windows either actually.  Traditionally Macs use : for the path

Actually, '/' and the null byte are the only two characters that
aren't possible to use as filename characters an any unix. Precisely
because '/' is a path separator, and the null byte terminates a file

Actually Windows uses backslash "\" as does DOS as a path separator,
but internally both use "/". Why they just didn't use "/" to begin
with is beyond me. The code seems to suggest that it's "/" internally 
somewhere - but that's fuzzy memory --= still I remember a 'switchar'
tsr that would actually display the filnames & paths with / and accept
that rather than having to do backslash.

> separator and / in filenames; so if you swap the two you should be
> good to go.

Shades of VMS perhaps - [DIR]:filename/ext I believe.

> --Bill.

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