[svlug] non-graphical documentation in man, texinfo, text, html, etc., formats

dpchrist@inreach.com dpchrist at inreach.com
Tue Mar 18 10:35:09 PST 2003

svlug at lists.svlug.org:

I want to write some non-graphical documentation that will end up in
man, texinfo, text, html, and possibly other formats.  My plan is to
have a source document in some format (open-source; nroff?) that I can
convert to the other formats with command-line tools and/or a Make file.
I have created raw Man and Perl/Pod pages before using Vim, but would
prefer an WYSIWYG editor (open-source; emacs?) so I don't have to
remember all the formatting, etc., codes (can Vim do this?).  My
development platforms include GNU/Linux and Win2k/GNU/Cygwin.  I have
been working in non-graphical environments (e.g. Bash, ssh) thus far,
and prefer such for their low-bandwidth/ CPU/ memory requirements.  I
would consider learning how to get an X session going over ssh if the
best tools are only available on X.

Any comments or recommendations?



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