[svlug] Meetings coming this week :D

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Sat Mar 15 10:44:40 PST 2003

  Howdy folks, the other local-group meetings this week that I'm involved
  with are having some good studd this time around and I think you'll want 
  to make some time in your schedule for at least one of them. 

BALUG -- the Bay Area Linux User Group


	Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP is speaking for us about this
	exceedingly handy little language.  IIRC Rasmus has spoken at 
	SVLUG before, but it has been a long while.  Among other cool 
	things he will babble a bit about what's going to be in PHP 5.

	7 pm + $10 for dinner (piles of generic chinese food)
		or 8 pm for just seeing the speaker
	Four Seas Restaurant, Grant Street, SF Chinatown

BAYLISA -- the sysadmun's group for the Silicon Valley / Bay Area


	Robert Harker: Sendmail Samplers
	7:30 pm, Apple's "De Anza Building Three"
		10500 North Stevens Creek Blvd.

	He'll be telling some useful tricks for scrubbing mailquees of
	trapped spambounces, tuning tricks, and other goodies helpful
	to the ordinary joe just trying to keep up his mailserver.  For
	gory line-noise tweaking of rewriting rules, you can ask him
	about the great DNS+Sendmail classes he gives.

	The easiest way to get there is to exit 280 Fwy at De Anza, turn 
	south / toward Stevens Creek, turn left at Mariani (Apple campus) 
	then *immediate* right into the blue-apple parking lot.  Go
	around the building and park on the southern side, that's where
	our auditorium is.

And of course, any of you science-fiction fans who dream of space and
think the universe of Star Trek is kinda cool*, are welcome to attend our
Starship meeting:

* (for variable values of cool, if you like;  Voyager definitely has had
   its stupider moments.)

USS AUGUSTA ADA -- the 24th century's free software user group

	(Tell your BSD using pals too.)

	1 pm ... or so ... Staurday afternoon
	Round Table Pizza, 16th and Geary, San Francisco

	Agenda is still being formed but will include me showing off how
	I crafted the Enlightenment theme most of us use;  photos of our
	Engineer's trip to setup hardware in Laos;  Ops team adjustments.

	Contact ops at trek.starshine.org if you need better directions
	than we have up on BALE, or if you have something for the
	agenda.  We welcome trekkers who are not as geeky too; if there
	are some trek fans up in our area who you know might be
	interested feel free to send them our way.

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