[svlug] Can anyone recommend a good browser for linux based

Erik Fears strtok at softhome.net
Sat Mar 15 09:19:55 PST 2003

> The biggest problem with mozilla (at least experienced here( is not
> its load time, but that it tends to eat RAM. If up over a perieod of
> days, it just slows everything down, and you'll experience swapping,
> not desirable on an appliance I would think.
> Of course, if you build your appliance with 1 gb of RAM, well, but
> that's up to you ;).
> I use Konqueror mostly, but that is at least somewhat dependent on
> KDE's environment, if not its core libraries. There are plenty of
> browsers to choose from. Perhaps galeon, pheonix, opera, etc.

Konquerer loads fast, but the problem is its compatibility. Mozilla
at the moment (and opera I think? but eww) has the most compatibility
for the latest web technologies. Of course if you're just working
with simple forms/javascript you probably don't need that.

> There's also the possibility of using the underlying rendering
> engine absent a browser - that functionality is built into the KDE/qt
> libraries, I imagine. Or, maybe an approach would be to take an 
> existing browser source and customize it for your application.

I believe the engine is khtml. It should be pretty easy to implement
it into any qt application.

-Erik Fears

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