[svlug] Can anyone recommend a good browser for linux based

David E. Fox dfox at m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com
Sat Mar 15 09:07:16 PST 2003

> that it can be launched very quickly.  I notice Mozilla takes a fair 
> amount of time to launch on a 900 MHZ appliance machine (around 10-15 

The biggest problem with mozilla (at least experienced here( is not
its load time, but that it tends to eat RAM. If up over a perieod of
days, it just slows everything down, and you'll experience swapping,
not desirable on an appliance I would think.

Of course, if you build your appliance with 1 gb of RAM, well, but
that's up to you ;).

I use Konqueror mostly, but that is at least somewhat dependent on
KDE's environment, if not its core libraries. There are plenty of
browsers to choose from. Perhaps galeon, pheonix, opera, etc.

There's also the possibility of using the underlying rendering
engine absent a browser - that functionality is built into the KDE/qt
libraries, I imagine. Or, maybe an approach would be to take an 
existing browser source and customize it for your application.

> --Gary

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