[svlug] Can anyone recommend a good browser for linux based appliance?

David N. Welton davidw at dedasys.com
Fri Mar 14 23:03:44 PST 2003

Gary Lin <glin at employees.org> writes:

>     For faster development, we are thinking about implementing the
> UI for our applicance using the web-technologies, such as
> HTML/DHTML/Javascript.  But, of course, I do not want the user to
> know the UI is actually running within a browser.  This means, I
> need to have the browser running in full-screen mode/without showing
> any menu/toolbar.  Also, it would be nice if the browser is
> light-enough so that it can be launched very quickly.  I notice
> Mozilla takes a fair amount of time to launch on a 900 MHZ appliance
> machine (around 10-15 sec).  Can anyone recommend a browser?

If you want rapid UI development, and don't *need* to use a browser,
why not use Tcl with Tk?

* It's very fast to develop with.

* It's much lighter weight than even the best of browsers if you don't
  have a ton of elements.

* It runs on any platform - you can develop it on linux or windows.

* It's very easy to interface with C code.

It sounds like you need a UI that actually runs on the box, otherwise,
you could just put a small web server there and run the browser
elsewhere.  That's the usual model for embedded devices (that I've
seen, at least).

If you are interested, contact me off the list, and I can put together
a Tcl/Tk sample for you.

More information about Tcl/Tk here: http://www.tcl.tk/

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