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Erik Fears strtok at softhome.net
Fri Mar 14 18:16:01 PST 2003

> Hi,
> To check memory allocation problems I am using ElectricFence. But when I used gdb the program exited with an error
> ElectricFence Exiting: mmap() failed:  Cannot allocate memory
> what shld be the problem?
> Thnks
> Balaji.R

If the system is linux I really suggest getting a hold of valgrind.
It works by creating a virtual machine and then running the process
in the virtual machine. I've found it a lot more useful than electric
fence, espicially since to use it you just run valgrind ./binary,
you don't need to link to any libraries, etc. It will show you
locations of memory overruns, memory leaks, etc

-Erik Fears

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