[svlug] Linux Consultants Lunch Group

Rich Bodo rsb at ostel.com
Fri Mar 14 17:10:33 PST 2003


	I'm cross posting this to the svlug list, linux elitists list,
	and the linux consultants lunch list.

	Many of you already know about the linux consultants lunch
	group that meets at Turmerik (141 S. Murphy ave. in
	downtown Sunnyvale) on the third Thursday of each month at
	noon.  If not, now you do.

	There is an excellent Indian buffet for $10 (maybe less I
	don't recall exactly, but I've never paid more) and the
	conversation is pretty good too.  We discuss why we love our
	big gay operating system, and how it changed with all that
	talk of world domination.  We also talk about how we can
	improve our personal quality of life through it's use as a
	vehicle for consulting, and our grand plans to make this
	really, really easy to do.

	We have lost a few members over the last couple months, and we
	want them back.  You can identify them by their LNX bumper
	stickers and black FSF t-shirts.  Please return them to the
	next meeting, March 20th, or show up in their place.  Join our
	mailing list at:


	For those who are interested but out of the area, I encourage
	you to join the linux consultants mailing list anyway, and to
	form a similar lunch group in your locale; it's fun and


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