[svlug] NT -> Linux/Samba/AFS migration

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Mar 11 16:01:45 PST 2003

Webb Sprague writes:
>Hi all,
>I have an NT file server, and I would like to migrate it to a Linux file
>Here is what I want:  A debian machine running SAMBA and AFS.
>Main Problem: most of the clients are Macs and the users have been using lots
>of slashes in their filenames.  I need to change the names en masse, without
>losing the silly resource fork thing.  I can scp the file tree over (by booting
>the NT server with Knoppix and mounting the NTFS filesystem with utfs option),
>but I can't figure out a way to deal with the strange, unprintable filenames
>that result.

I would tackle this by writing a Perl script to run on the NT machine
(under NT itself, probably, not under Linux) that uses File::Find to
get all the filenames, and rename them by changing "/" to ":".

Then make a tar.gz or zip file, copy it to the Linux server, and
extract it in its new home.

You can't have "/" in a filename on Linux.  I didn't think you could
on Windows either actually.  Traditionally Macs use : for the path
separator and / in filenames; so if you swap the two you should be
good to go.


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