[svlug] How to get secureCRT and RH term to look right?

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Mar 11 15:50:03 PST 2003

Daevid Vincent writes:
>I use SecureCRT 3.4.3 to ssh into my RH8 box all the time, but curses based
>programs (like 'setup' or 'iptraf') don't look quite right -- where the
>graphics should be, there are funky characters? Can someone tell me what the
>proper settings for the session should be? My SecureCRT Session Terminal
>Emulation is set to "Linux" with ANSI Color checked on, and my bash/tcsh
>terms are set TERM=linux. I've tried VT100 as well, but neither seem to
>work. Is there something else I should do? The "TERM=linux" could be legacy
>settings. I've been running Linux for like 5 years or more, and migrate my
>.rc scripts from server to server. Should it be something else now a days?
>And if so, what? And what do I set SecureCRT to as well?

You have the right settings.  That works just great for me.  SecureCRT
programmed just as you say; TERM set to "linux".  Both Debian and Red

Trouble is, your funky characters are MS-DOS "code page" graphics for
line-drawing characters.  On your Linux text console those render
properly but your SecureCRT session is using the UNICODE character set
which defines those character codes as accented/foreign letters.

It's not the fact that they're curses-based that's the problem; it's
the fact that your terminal is not using the character set that the
program is using for its box-drawing.

There doesn't seem to be a SecureCRT option to tell it to use an
MS-DOS "code page" character set.  The "linux" terminal type is
supposed to be for the text console of the computer, and thus the
MS-DOS character set, so your programs are assuming that if TERM=linux
then you can see those characters.  Try other TERM values such as
"vt100" and "xterm" to see if the program is smart enough (it might
just ignore TERM for that) to tell the difference.


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