[svlug] colocation: advice needed

Kevin J. Anderson lestat at counter-strike.net
Tue Mar 11 15:49:10 PST 2003

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->In a month or so, I might have to set up a machine to be colocated.
->Having never done this before (colocation that is, not setting up a
->machine), I'd like to ask for some advice here.
->I've looked through the mailing list archives, and googled through the
->Web and Usenet. The web and news searches in particular weren't too
->helpful since most of the hits were for companies that provided colo
->services rather than consumer oriented information.
->Here are the requirements:
->    - we will have a single machine (most likely a PC) running some
->      flavor of Unix (Debian or FreeBSD)

->    - terminology: when referring to 1U/2U, I assume this means "units",
->      i.e. machines/servers?

1U/2U refers to the hight of the rack mounted case.  1U is shorter, 2U is
bigger, and so on.  4U is the general height of a normal tower case on its
side, more or less.

1U would obviously be cheaper to colo, as it takes up less space, but it
also limits the kind of hardware that you can toss in expansion wise.   But
I imagine should more than meet your needs, from what you wrote.   As to the
rest, I will leave that up to those more knowledgable.


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