[svlug] cisco leap wireless authentication without an aironet card?

Matt Billenstein matt at vazor.com
Sun Mar 9 22:04:55 PST 2003

Hi Joel,

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|   Your posting is not clear about what you are trying to do.
| LEAP is an option which you can turn off and not use. Typically it is
| only used in infrastructure
| LANs that are Cisco centric. (Large corporate LANS with authentication
| servers.)
| If you are running a home system or small operation, you probably do not
| want to mess with LEAP.
| Background:
| LEAP is a Cisco proprietary authentication protocol, which is only
| supported by a few non-cisco
| products. (Cisco has recently opened this up and made it available to
| "partners".)
| However, it is not a "standard" like TLS, TKIP, or the other stuff
| coming out of the 802.1x
| standards group. Long term, I suspect that LEAP will be an orphan and
| not a good
| idea to invest effort or $$ in.

Thanks for the info.  It's nothing I'm trying to implement; the company I
work for has all this stuff setup using Cisco hardware and LEAP.  I was
simply trying to get connected to the network without having a Cisco card.
I have a linksys WAP and wireless card that I use at home and it would be
convenient to be able to use the same card at work, but I imagine I'll just
end up getting a Cisco card, expensing it, and using that at work if I can't
find something handy.

I guess Cisco is even coming out with some newer protocol to replace LEAP,
but I forget the name of it.  Hopefully they subscribe to one of the open
standards instead of trying to invent their own.



Matt Billenstein
matt at vazor.com

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