[svlug] [svlug-announce] SVLUG: PGP Key Signing 18:45 Wed 5 March

Steve Traugott stevegt at TerraLuna.Org
Wed Mar 5 13:02:18 PST 2003

Hi All,

(Apologies for the late notice -- digest recipients won't get this
until Thursday...  But we'll have one of these sessions each month;
this one is just a shakedown.)

We're going to begin having a PGP/GPG key-signing session at each
SVLUG meeting.  The first session, tonight, will be self-organizing;
experienced signers only.

If you haven't signed PGP keys before, don't have a PGP key, aren't
sure what this is all about, and/or just need a little help getting
started, then please disregard the rest of this message and skip
tonight's signing, but stay tuned -- we'll have "getting started"
instructions as soon as we have an organizer.

See http://www.cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/gpg-party.html for more

If you are an experienced PGP user who has participated in
key-signings before, and want to add signatures to your existing PGP
key, then arrive early at tonight's SVLUG meeting (let's try 6:45, and
see how well that works).  Meet at the podium, and ask if anyone
nearby wants to sign your key.  Don't wait for an organizer to start
the party -- there isn't one.  Use due care and take suitable
precautions when checking ID's and signing -- it's your signature.  If
you aren't sure what you need to watch out for, then err on the safe
side -- skip tonight's signing and wait until we have a better
orientation system in place.

Remember to bring the following with you:

- Several printed copies of your key fingerprint (gpg --fingerprint yourid)
- A government-issued photo ID 

If you would like to organize future key-signing sessions, then please
send mail to speakers at svlug.org.

Steve Traugott  (KG6HDQ)
Speaker Coordinator, Silicon Valley Linux Users Group
UNIX/Linux Infrastructure Architect, TerraLuna LLC
stevegt at TerraLuna.Org   

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