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> Subject: Help needed...
> Hi Everybody,
> Yesterday while trying to mount a 2nd hard drive I erroneously put an
> entry /deb/hdb1 instead of /dev/hdb1. It was basically a typing
> mistake and when I tried to reboot the system it is not booting and is
> displaying the message as: /deb/hdb1 not a valid filesystem 
> and giving me two options:
> 1. Press Ctrl-D to reboot.
> 2. Login as root and remount the file system.
> The problem is that I have access as a manager i.e., the root password
> and login has not been given.
> Any suggestions... 

You don't mention what bootloader you're using.  Common options are LILO
and GRUB.  You'll typically see one of these two words at a prompt
during boot, if you don't, try holding down the <shift> key as the
system boots.

In LILO, at the boot prompt:

   enter 'vmlinuz init=/bin/bash root=/dev/hdb1' 
   hit <return>

This boots the system bypassing admin password controls, and runs the
'bash' shell rather than 'init' as the initial system program.  

I'm less familiar with GRUB (could work it out if I was sitting at
console) but the idea is similar:  boot a shell and specify your root
filesystem.  Perhaps a followup poster can help.

In either case, once you've gained a shell:

   # remount your root partition readable:
   mount -o remount,rw /dev/hdb1 /
   # Edit /etc/fstab
   vi /etc/fstab

   # mount root read-only
   mount -o remount,ro /dev/hdb1 /

At this point you can power-cycle, hit the reset switch, or use
<ctrl><alt><delete> to reboot the system.

Should boot for you.


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