[svlug] Trademark violation?

Jeff Suttor Jeff.Suttor at EarthLink.net
Wed Mar 5 00:14:03 PST 2003

> Is it just me or does the first sponsored link on this google page seem
> like blatant trademark violation?  I registered my dissatisfaction with
> this practice by clicking on the sponsored link...

note that Microsoft has a long history of buying ad words for the names
of standards, and also their competitors, on Google and then trying to
point people to their products as alternatives.

also, even it there is a trademark violation, what makes you think the
law applies equally to everyone?  recent history shows us that
repeatedly violating the law has no consequence for some entities.

when you have infinite money, relative to the reset of the world, you
can do those kind of things.  

Jeff Suttor    <Jeff.Suttor at EarthLink.net>

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