[svlug] Annoying BSA Ad

Jeff Suttor Jeff.Suttor at EarthLink.net
Wed Mar 5 00:04:24 PST 2003

> I too find it disturbing. That it was sent as spam is quite
> uncool -- especially when one can make the quite logical 
> assumption that all spammed offers for software are examples of piracy
> themselves.

note that the BSA sent a lawyer letter:


accusing sites of pirating Microsoft Office and making them available
for public ftp.  oops, turns out those warez sites were mirroring
openoffice.org.  :)

time to reuse this for marketing, "OpenOffice is so compatible with
Microsoft Word that even the BSA can't tell it apart from Microsoft
Word."  :)

Jeff Suttor    <Jeff.Suttor at EarthLink.net>

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