[svlug] How to get secureCRT and RH term to look right?

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Tue Mar 4 14:17:42 PST 2003

I use SecureCRT 3.4.3 to ssh into my RH8 box all the time, but curses based
programs (like 'setup' or 'iptraf') don't look quite right -- where the
graphics should be, there are funky characters? Can someone tell me what the
proper settings for the session should be? My SecureCRT Session Terminal
Emulation is set to "Linux" with ANSI Color checked on, and my bash/tcsh
terms are set TERM=linux. I've tried VT100 as well, but neither seem to
work. Is there something else I should do? The "TERM=linux" could be legacy
settings. I've been running Linux for like 5 years or more, and migrate my
.rc scripts from server to server. Should it be something else now a days?
And if so, what? And what do I set SecureCRT to as well?

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