[svlug] Proper disposal of defunt CRTs

Gordon Vrololjak gvrdolja at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Mar 3 10:00:47 PST 2003

You should contact your waste authority where you live, or where your
company is, for proper disposal.  For me, I go to:
and select a drop off point.

They list different drop off points for items.  CRT's are getting to be a
problem in our lab.  We get charged $20 per CRT that needs to be disposed

I also operate an environmental waste consulting company
(www.mngconsulting.com) if you or your work needs help with disposal of
hazardous waste, or materials.

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On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Randy J. Ray wrote:

> (Sorry for the non-Linux-specific question, but I'm certain someone here knows
> the answer to this.)
> I have a monitor that died on me a while back, and I need to get rid of it.
> But I know that just tossing it in the dumpster is not the right way to do it.
> Can someone point me to the proper drop-off points or whatnot for defunt
> hardware?
> Randy
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