[svlug] Linux on the desktop...

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Jun 9 15:57:09 PDT 2003

James Leone writes:
>bill at wards.net wrote:
>>Tarantella (We use it at Oracle to display both NT and X on a Win32
>>box, but there is a Linux client too.)
>I'd rather die of overwork than use anything to do with SCO.   :-D
>I mean that in a humerous but sirious way...

If you're referring to the current lawsuit situation, note that
Tarantella has nothing to do with SCO.  While Tarantella was formerly
called SCO, it no longer is; the current SCO is what used to be called
Caldera.  Caldera bought the name along with the Unix/Linux products,
and what was left (still on Encinal St. in Santa Cruz) renamed itself

Or perhaps you knew that and are just being obscure...?


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