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Subject: [Officers] Senior Engineer-- Marimba, Inc.-- Mountain View, CA

		Please email resumes to recruiter at marimba.com
	Title: Senior Engineer - Server Development
		Reports To: Engineering Manager
	Location: Mountain View, CA
	This is a senior position that involves the development of
enterprise software leveraging Marimba's distribution technology. The
position requires strong team interaction and communication. The team is
responsible for developing Server Management solutions deployed by IT
divisions of several Fortune 100 companies to manage their server and
desktop environments.
	The ideal candidate is a team player who has a solid understanding
of software engineering practices and all aspects of software lifecycle and
architectural design. The candidate has fluent knowledge on a variety of
current and emerging technologies as well as some leadership experience on
project teams.
	Experience with the following technologies in a large distributed
commercial enterprise system are required:
		Required skills:
			*	Excellent UNIX system skills. 
			*	Experience with Client Server TCP/IP
development preferably on UNIX. 
			*	Excellent Java programming skills 
			*	Excellent Design skills 
			*	Teamwork and communication 
		Desired skills:
			*	Understanding of Server Management / Network
Administration is highly desirable 
			*	Some experience or understanding of emerging
technologies such as SOAP, XML, Web Services is highly desirable 
			*	Experience with J2EE technologies is a plus 

		This position requires a BS in engineering and 7+ years
directly related experience, or an equivalent combination of training and
experience, e.g. Master's degree plus 5 years experience. Enterprise
software development experience is required.
		This position is a senior development position to help drive
Marimba's expanding leadership in Server Management space. The position
involves development of software targeted at IT groups of Fortune 500
enterprises which automates System Administration tasks related to
management Servers. This includes OS and application provisioning, patch
management, content distribution, Job execution and management. 
		This is a technical position that requires the ability to
create detailed engineering design documents from product requirements
documents, and the development and delivery of products to meet these
designs on a reliable schedule. This position requires working with other
teams within and outside engineering, the user experience team, marketing
and support teams and occasional direct contact with customers.

	Marimba is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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