[svlug] rbl-ing .forwarded emails

Justin F. Knotzke jknotzke at shampoo.ca
Thu Jul 31 10:54:04 PDT 2003


   I've decided to start filtering SPAM at the MTA level (Exim in my
case) and I am wondering what the proper Netiquette is regarding
.forwarded messages.

   I have two other email accounts that I have forwarded automatically
to my main address. One of these two addresses receives a whack of SPAM.
I use Spambayes to filter them out quite successfully. However, I'd like
to block them at the MTA level. The problem is given that the mail is
blocked at my main address and not the address that actually received
the SPAM, I would be blocking mail from one of my accounts MTA's and not
the spammer's MTA.

   I can't filter mail from the address that is presently forwarded.
What is the proper Netiquette for this situation?



Justin F. Knotzke
jknotzke at shampoo.ca

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