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Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Wed Jul 30 12:59:44 PDT 2003

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There's a contest at Linux World Expo in the SnapGear booth, R6 and R7 to
hack into a Windows 2000 server with Service Pack 3 applied.  The Linux
group that sends the most hackers will get 3 t-shirts and 2 Linux-based VPN
firewall appliances.

Let me know if you can post this and work with me to get some SVLugers
to participate in the contest.




Hacker Contest Rules:
The idea is to deface the IIS webserver;
To crash the underlying operating system;
To gain full access to services and resources on the server;
To deny service to legitimate users, but not by overwhelming Port 80;
Viral attacks are acceptable but attacks of any kind through Port 80
will tend to receive lower points from the judges;
All contestants must be prepared to show and explain the route of attack
to the show judges;
Attacks that utilize utilities or programs not already installed on the
provided machines will receive lower points;
Contestants will be permitted to use their own laptops but will receive
lower points if they do so;
Any contestant attacking either client machine will be automatically
Each contestant can only win once during the show with the exception of
the "Best of Show' prize which will be awarded to one of the daily

All decisions by the judges are final and no appeals will be allowed.

Group Prizes
The Linux organization that sends the most hackers will be given 2 VPN
firewalls and 3 t-shirts.  The VPN firewalls are a complete Linux
hardware/software solution and support both PPTP and IPSec.  The
organization can give the devices to members.

Two Prizes (SnapGear Lite+ firewall appliances valued) will be awarded
daily based on the following criteria:

1.	Raw speed
2.	Elegance of the hack
3.	Novel and/or unknown techniques
4.	Effectiveness of the disruption

On e 'Best of Show' prize ( an Enterprise-grade xxxx, valued at $1,000)
will be awarded at the end of the contest to the participant deemed by
the judges to stand head and  shoulders above the crowd in according to
the above listed criteria.

Technical Information
Self contained network with a windows 2000 advanced server emulating a
small corporate web server and company file server. This system will be
set up as if for a small, typical organization. The target system is
unprotected from outside intrusion and will be running with Service Pack
3 (SP3).

To Participate
Go to the SnapGear booth at LinuxWorld (R6 and R7) and sign up for the
hacker contest.  Let the people there know what group you are

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