[svlug] ssh connection reset by peer

Sampath Ganji samganji at apexdesn.com
Mon Jul 28 18:27:13 PDT 2003


I am experiencing this problem since I started working from home.

Server Side:
NAT and Firewalled as in IP Masqurading HOW-TO(eth0)
The internal network however is not firewalled (eth1 is trusted and no 
Running on DSL with static IP
Server is for strictly for Internet sharing and Mail purposes, so it is 
a celeron 1GHZ with 256 Meg RAM and 40G HDD

Client Side:
Comcast Cable - Directly connected
Using cygwin to connect to the server and through

Initially I connect to the server and from there I again SSH to my 
machine in the LAN. I get the error connection reset by peer and 
connection is closed after about 20-30 minutes of inactivity. Tried 
"unset autologout". I think it was not the problem. I connect to the 
server internally(LAN 192.168.0.*) using ssh from morning to evening and 
it would not drop me even once.

Please help!


Sampath Ganji.
Apex Design Systems, Inc.
1333 Lawrence Expressway
Suite. 226
Santa Clara, CA 95051
off.: 408-243-8188 ext 17

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