[svlug] 137GB HD limit?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Mon Jul 28 10:26:36 PDT 2003

Drew Bertola wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 13:35, Erik Steffl wrote:
>>   that's what I did - the first kernel that has driver for SATA is 
>>2.4.21-ac4. Otherwise the disk is not recognized at all (and system 
>>hangs during boot). Now the disk is recognized (as 250GB) but can only 
>>read (lower) 137GB.
> I haven't had to do a thing to enable SATA for quite some time now. 
> I've used controller cards that were already supported quite some time
> ago.  I've tried Highpoint (which wasn't that good), 3ware (which was
> fast for RAID 5, has a mature driver, and presents itself as a SCSI
> device), and Intel (which was like the 3ware, but much, much slower and
> runs hot).
> Good SATA controllers should be transparent to the OS.  You should see
> the IDE drive(s) on the end of them.  HW-RAID SATA controllers are
> different.  Which controller do you have?

   not sure, I have the one built-in on intel D865PERL motherboard (is 
it the one they call PII or PIIX?).

   when I booted the system without SCSI ATA support it hang during 
boot, it did recognize the drives (as IDE drives) but froze right after 
that (2.4.20 and 2.4.21). The freeze was caused by SATA drive - when I 
disabled the SATA drive in BIOS the same kernel booted OK.

   so I tried 2.4.21-ac4 (which is the first one that I found to have 
SCSI ATA support) and now the SATA drive is recognized as scsi drive 
(/dev/sda) but only 137GB are readable; even though all the tools I 
tried recognize proper size - cfdisk, mkfs, badblocks all see it as 
250GB drive but all reads above 137 GB fail, regardless of method used 
(raw disk or via filesystem).

   I got response from Jeff Garzik on lkml saying that 137+ GB size 
should work OK (with SCSI ATA) and that he's going to test it this week...


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