[svlug] Problem with Java and Multi-port serial port

Sumit rsumit_2001 at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jul 25 01:54:05 PDT 2003

  We have an application that uses CommPortIndentifier
to open a serial port file.
Now we have added a 8-port multiport serial port card
(Rocketport) to out Linux RH9.0 box. The serial ports
are configured as /dev/ttyR0-7 using the device driver
provided with the card. 

When we used the java application that opens the
serial port to open /dev/ttyR0 it fails. Is leads to
an exception.
Specifically this is the code 
            OpenCommPort ( );
  catch ( Exception e )
        { sf.VERBOSE ( "Unable to open serial port" );


private void OpenCommPort() throws
NoSuchPortException, PortInUseException, IOException,

CommPortIdentifier portId =
CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifier( sf.commPort );

serialPort = (SerialPort) portId.open (CLASS_NAME,


We are newbie as far as Java is concern. 

Any help, pointers are greatly appreciated. 



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