[svlug] i need to boot from disk a memory resident version of linux

hvrietsc@myrealbox.com hvrietsc at myrealbox.com
Thu Jul 24 16:35:18 PDT 2003

Sometimes i get into trouble and need to do an fsck. When i have my cdrom
handy i just put in the knoppix cd or the redhat install cd and run fsck
over the hard disk.  This works since both red hat and knoppix load
completely in memory and only mount the cdrom so i can do an fsck on the
unmounted hard disk...so far so good

but what do i do if i am traveling and didnt bring my cdrom nor floppy drive?

What i am looking for is a way so that i can boot into a special version
of linux which can be read from the hard disk, becomes memory resident
including a slew of interesting programs like fsck and such in a ramdisk.
so i can repair my disk while it is not mounted

I know i can create a new parition and install a small version of linux
in there and then have grub/lilo boot into that, but i want to be able
to do this without needing another partition. So just store all the stuff
needed on the existing partition and assume that reading from a broken
hard disk will not cause any problems....

I might even accept a version of linux stored under windows, so i can
boot into windows and then start linux from there and do my fsck, i seem
to remember there is such a version of linux UMSDOS?

Any hints???


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