[svlug] Lindows HD less computer

Steven L. Fountain slf at dreamscape.org
Thu Jul 24 16:12:53 PDT 2003

Not that I work for or represent them, but I have been working with alot
of live-cd's lately, so I'll try to answer your question.

you can store things in ramdisks (easily made into loops) -
	ramdisk devices are your friend. you must specify their size in an
append entry to your kernel via ramdisk_size=50000 (50mb.. actually uses
50mb) - also check out cloop's which work like normal loops but dont
actually use 50mb when 50mb is provided.

you can store things in ram (that aren't ramdisks) -
	tmpfs is your friend, which is basicly in-memory and shared
mem. you can configure the size when already booted

hopefully your liveCD will allow you R/W abilities of /, so that you can
modify the contents of /etc and mountpoints in /...

what if you feel like placing something in /usr but it's read-only?
you'll have to get really savvy at relocating things or using chroots.

if you had another machine, you could download your home directory, work
with it, and when you are completed package it back up and send it to that
other machine. your on your own here.

good luck.. to be perfectly honest machines such as these are very
dependant on other machines per the nature of thin clients.

there are lots of live-cd's circulating around but the good ones you'll
have to look for. making your own will probably fix your hardware
problems. :p

-slf, shadowy mad-scientist

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Frank Arnold wrote:
 FA>Anyone have opinions to offer regarding the Lindows Webstation that
 FA>is now offered for less than $200.00. It has no hard drive, OS runs from
 FA>the CD. Just wondering how anything could be downloaded or software
 FA>could be upgraded without buying a new CD.
 FA>Frank Arnold

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