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Akbar Ahmed akbar_svlug at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 11:29:35 PDT 2003

--- Daniel Howard <dan_howard at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > What are the benefits of the technology you
> > recommend, and what are the drawbacks?
> wxWindows:
> Overall- Good, not great.  Certainly usable.  Some
> commercial toolkits are more consistent in widgets,
> code quality and design.


>  * A few widgets are poorly written, useless

Do you know exactly which widgets are problematic?
What are the issues with these widgets that cause the
most problems?

What we have developed is a Windows Explorer like
application in the sense that there is a hierarchical
tree view in the left pane, and a display pane in the
right column. Basically, we make a suite of remote
admin tools for Linux and we now need to extend our UI
to Linux clients (we currently have Windows clients).

If a screenshot of our UI would help to explain the
utility of wxWindows in my situation, you can view
some here:
The above is not a commercial plug, I'm just trying to
provide more info.

The main widgets that I need are: 
Tree View (left pane)
List View (right pane)
Basic forms with tabs

Also, does wxWindows allow us to create our own



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