[svlug] Cross-platform GUIs

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Tue Jul 22 00:42:56 PDT 2003

[argh! keep forgetting to [L]ist reply!]

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 12:20:50AM -0700, Akbar Ahmed wrote:
> Hi,
> Which technologies would you recommend for
> cross-platform GUI development? 

Personally, _I_ use SDL.  But it's less GUI and more game/multimedia

> I would prefer full-blown (fat) clients. Language of
> choice is C++. The current target platforms are
> Windows 2000/XP pro, and Linux (RH 8+, Suse 8+).

Your best bet is either Trolltech's Qt (upon which KDE and friends are
based; also related to Qtopia, used on the Sharp Zaurus and other Linux-based
PDAs), or wxWindows.

> What are the benefits of the technology you recommend,
> and what are the drawbacks?


> I have been going over this issue for sometime and I'm
> ready to learn from other people's experience.
> I know of the following options:
> Qt
> Java 
> Mozilla's XUL 
> Borland C++ Builder + Kylix
> Flash

Ah, yes, these'd work, too. ;^)  I think I've heard wxWindows is nice in that
applications look native.  (e.g., on Windows, it looks like a Windows app,
rather than looking like a 'Qt' app.)


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