[svlug] Linux World Expo 2003

Go, Jeffrey jeffrey.go at sap.com
Mon Jul 21 16:48:30 PDT 2003

Hi Ben,

I will be there...see you at the booth


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	Every year they host a linux convention and this year it's going to be
at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. I would suggest everyone packing
a lunch and going to these conventions, there's lots of knowledgable
people and lots of things you can learn along the way. The first time I
went I ran into a lot of devolpers who showed me little tidbits of
making code better and I ran into some people that customize their
desktops upto ying yang that also taught me a trick or two. Anyways I'll
be at the gentoo booth on the 4th and the 7th, stop by and say hi
because I don't know anyone in svlug yet.
Benjamin Coles
aka sj7trunks


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