[svlug] Linux an "upstart"?

James Leone linuxcpa at netscape.net
Sat Jul 19 13:15:37 PDT 2003

steve at itsage.com wrote:

> Hi James,
>  Seems like you've had quite a challenge with your linux endevours.  

Just being honest here folks.  I have had a lot of success ans a lot of 

> If I recall correctly, you mentioned having a couple of year of linux 
> experience. Honest question here: do you really think it would have 
> been different on _any_ other OS ?


Its all about having intuitive software.

>   Do you think it would have been any easier to keep an Exchange cluster 

Well, I am talking desktop here....I don't really know what a cluster 
is...and my colleagues, the other five of the Joe Six Pack gang, don't 
really know either....

> running(again, honest question)?  

Honest answer, probably more difficult to set up an MS Exchange 
"cluster" ... but I have _no_ experience with that, I am just going by 
what I have read. I _do_ have experience with Linux desktop use.

> Most of the guys I know doing server side stuff on MS servers have 5+ 
> years on the job. Many have proffessional training.

Different focus here really.  On the server side I have little 
experience....Desktop use should require no training, it should be the 
community's goal.

> I think that the 'hype' of computers is still way ahead of the 
> reality. Computers might be 'easy to use', but they are far from 'easy 
> to setup'. 

I am going off of personal experience, not hype. And I know without an 
ounce of doubt that Windows is easier to use. However, I am hell bent on 
using Linux instead because I admire the way it has been developed, and 
the ethics behind it.

> Just like some cars are 'easy' to tinker with but you still need a 
> mechanic from time to time.

Way different in my opinion. You can't make a gui for an auto!

> BTW - if you feel like giving it one last shot, 

I've wasted a number of hours of my own free time on IMAP, Squirrelmail, 
et al, that its really nothing I want to get into. Apache works great, 
Cross Over Office works great, but the rest of that stuff is just 
vaporware to me.

I should have added Spamassassin and the MTA's as good and solid server 
apps. Yes those work with some reasonable ease.

> I can tell you from experience that Cyrus IMAP, SquirrelMail, Postfix, 
> and SpamAssassin all play together nicely on my Debian machines. Oh!, 
> Debian has great package installation/configuration stuff.  

I took a look at the Debian installer, and I have to disagree with you. 
:) I use apt in SuSE, I don't want to use the older packages in Debian.

> Not pretty, not flashy - but generally VERY thorough.  I have to warn 
> ya though -
> Debian installs can be a PITA if you've never done one before, and it 
> takes a good month to get used to how debian works. 

That's just an example of my point, for the desktop, Linux is upstart.

James Leone

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