[svlug] Seth Schoen (of the EFF) radio interview online

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Fri Jul 18 13:54:33 PDT 2003

Seth Schoen from the Electronic Frontier Foundation spoke at SVLUG earlier
this year, and has agreed to come speak at the next LUGOD meeting out here
in Davis, this Monday, July 21st.

In the meantime, he was interviewed on a show called "Dr. Andy's Poetry and
Technology Hour" on KDVS, the college radio station here in Davis.

I've taken the liberty to download the RealAudio archive of the show,
cut out everything but the interview with Seth, and re-encode it as an MP3.
(Don't worry, I received permission from Dr. Andy :^) )

I've placed it on my own personal FTP site for download, but since it's
about 8.5MB, I'd like to find some mirrors, if possible.

If anyone would like to download it in the meantime, though, please feel
free to contact me off-list, and I'll point you to the URL.

For those of you who only care about the content, and don't need the actual
audio, I've also hand-typed a transcript of the interview, and placed it
on LUGOD's website:


Finally, I encourage people to come to the July 21st meeting to see Seth
live.  (We'll also be raffling off some books! ;^) )


We'll be videotaping the talk, and creating a DVD of it for our lending
library.  Once we find some fat pipes, we'd also like to host video files of
some of our meetings online, for download, as well.  For now, though, you need
to check out the physical disc.

Anyway, enjoy and take care!  Hopefully see some of you out here in Davis on

pr at lugod.org
Linux Users' Group of Davis

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