[svlug] enterprise linux?

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Fri Jul 18 12:43:45 PDT 2003

Gordon Vrololjak wrote:
> I was wondering how everyone feels about enterprise linux from Redhat, is
> it worth the extra money?

On substance, I agree with J C Lawrence: unimpressive.  However, if you 
are looking for vendor support, either/both from the OS vendor and from 
third party software vendors, it has hard to beat RHEL.  There are many 
enterprise software products that are only supported on RHEL.  (Most of 
them actually *work* just fine if run on other Linux patforms, but you 
can't get support that way.)

> Does the enterprise editions follow the open source movement at all?  With
> each distribution doing heavy customizing to optimize speed, performance,
> and security (according to their website sales propaganda), do they hide
> the customizations and configurations and not allow you to meddle with it?

The full source for RHEL is available.

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