[svlug] What are the upcoming meeting topics, dates & speakers?

Hereon hereon2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 20:04:27 PDT 2003

Dear speakers at svlug.org,

Thanks for your work for SVLUG!

I have heard informally that there are speakers lined up for SVLUG for
the next several months at least.  But, currently neither the SVLUG
website nor svlug mail list nor the announce list have any indication
of who will (or tentatively might) be speaking when.

It would be great if an announcement could be sent ASAP to at least the
mailing lists with tentative info (and hopefully the website updated
shortly thereafter).  Especially in light of the Linux World conference
comming up in August in SF which is in session on the 1st Wed of
August, SVLUG's meeting time.

Wednesday schedule:

Will SVLUG move its meeting location to the LWorld show in San
Francisco for the August meeting, (similar to what was done once, IIRC,
when LW was in SJ)?


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