[svlug] OT: Any canoe enthusiasts in the group?

Brandon Rasler list at tekmark.net
Mon Jul 14 13:14:41 PDT 2003

Kim wrote:

>Was wondering if any of my fellow Linux enthusiasts were also into
>canoe tripping/camping. Just thought it might be fun to put a trip
>together with a few fellow penguinistas. Would make for fun campfire
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>svlug at lists.svlug.org
Yes, I find canoeing, camping also fishing and hunting a great way to 
getaway from work.  I try to go on big trips 3 to 4 times a summer. 
 But, since I live in Indiana probably not likely able to join your 
campfire chat.  At least not without WiFi help, but that would defeat 
the pourpose.


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