[svlug] aol is being worse about taking mail

K. Ari Krupnikov ari at cogsci.ed.ac.uk
Sun Jul 13 14:31:32 PDT 2003

Rafael Skodlar <raffi at linwin.com> writes:

> Sorry if this offends you but it's very good for AOL and the rest of
> us that they too that measure IMO. I wish they would share their
> list of blocked dial-ups etc. with the rest of us to cut the spam
> down.

So now that you know George is on a dynamic IP will you block his

> If your connection uses dynamic IP then use your ISP to handle email
> for you, no need for direct delivery from your PC.

So the only thing George needs to do to be a good citizen is pay for
a static IP? Then you would stop suspecting him of spamming?


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