[svlug] 2 part Linux question

Marc Maxwell maxwellmarc at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 12 11:23:30 PDT 2003

Thanks for the posts on this everyone.  For your
convenience, and out of gratitude for all the great
contributions to the topic, I am compiling a list of
everyone's answers (from svlug as well as another
yahoo linux list I am on) and I will either post it to
the list as a long email or upload it to the web and
post the link.

Very interesting.  Without getting down to the level
of voltages, this text file thing, seems like a good
thing to do, but only in conjunction with a lot of
other smart steps.  Suffice it to say that for most
people's purposes, there is no need to get past the
DOD level orf cleaning (if that), the rest of this is
just fyi, imo.

[I am not sure how to encrypt the large text files,
though.  I hate to ask- that is a seperate wild goose
chase I suppose?  Anyone with ideas on this feel free
to send 'em my way!]
It would stand to reason that encrypting a lot of
files, especially mid-size (so you get more on there),
and with differrent keys/methods or whatever -- if
reliably done, could result in virtual impermeability.
 A smoke screen!    

Thanks again everyone

Marc Maxwell
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