[svlug] Re: svlug Digest, Vol 275, Issue 14 - Software Development Metrics

Akbar Ahmed akbar_svlug at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 14:47:38 PDT 2003

--- Scott Jackson <s_jackson34 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>    where are you located and what language are you
> using???

We have offices in Concord (East Bay). It's a bit of a
drive to Cupertino but where isn't from Concord.

We are using C and C++ on Linux. We use VC++ on
Windows. The we use XML to communicate across

The issues that I hit in the past was a lack of buyin
to the whole quality process (starting with metrics
gathering). So, I'm looking to implement process
improvement in an incremental fashion (targeting the
biggest problem areas first).

I'm looking to start with gathering data and using it
to create a historical performance chart and to
quantify problem areas. I hope to use this as a basis
for determining what impact future quality programs
have on overall productivity. Also, I just came out of
a too long for comfort quality and test cycle, so I
would like to focus on quality/bug count metrics

>    if near Cupertino CA and using c++ or java,
> google for 'svpg'
>    the Silicon Valley Patterns Group meets weekly
> across from DeAnza and

Thanks, I didn't know about this group, but it looks

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