[svlug] Do u know someone who can set up wireless inet access to a BA meeting location? (Ex- 7/9 SJ Debian)

Hereon hereon2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 9 00:41:01 PDT 2003

I'm trying to find some one(s) who can either provide wireless 
internet access for some meetings (Bay Area Debian) around the Bay
Area, or who knows exactly how to provide it, for various meeting
locations. Preferably 100Kbps+.  (Like, from an 802.11 remote WAP.)
Like, maybe from http://www.nodedb.com/unitedstates/ca/sanfrancisco/?
Or from BAWRN?  (*1)

Can you do that?  (If so, I hearby invite you to come to the 7/9 BAD
meeting!  http://bad.debian.net/list/2003-July/002080.html 
Everyone with any interest in Debian is invited to attend the meeting,
regardless of their wireless knowledge or skills.)  

Do you know someone who can?

Specifically, I'm primarily looking for someone who can, or knows how,
to get a wireless signal to & from such a meeting location.
(Maybe something like what Clif Cox did for burning Man
I haven't contacted him (yet).  Is there someone here in the SFBA who
does, or knows how to do, this stuff, for volunteer organizations?)

I've already posted this request at BAD and BAWUG.  
I'll try the southbay wireless group after that.  Please 
inform me of any other likely places to ask.


(*1) - I spoke to one of the BAWRN folks, and he said they do not yet
have south bay transmission available yet.

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