[svlug] Peninsula LUG (penLUG) meeting July 10 7pm, Oracle 1op104

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Jul 8 17:04:26 PDT 2003

I have just received the final confirmation of our room reservation
for our first ever Peninsula LUG meeting.

We will be meeting July 10 (in 2 days) from 7pm-9pm at 100 Oracle
Parkway, room 104 ("1op104" in Oracle jargon).

** Agenda **

Unfortuntaley I have not yet lined up a keynote speaker for this
meeting.  If I am able to secure a speaker, I will make a followup
announcement about it.  Otherwise, we will have an "open mike" night -
if you have a favorite Linux application or an interesting project,
you can speak for 5-10 minutes or so about it.  Please email me if you
are interested in doing this.

There will also be an opportunity for people to discuss what form the
group should take; when meetings should be held; ideas for meeting
format; what kinds of activities we might do; etc.  Also, there will
be a call for volunteers to help organize the group, build/maintain
the website, coordinate speakers, etc.

Bring your ideas and enthusiasm and let's get something great started!

RSVP: not required, but it would be nice so I can have an idea of how
cmany people to expect.  Email rsvp at penlug.org

** Directions **

 From US-101 (either direction):
  - Take the Marine World Parkway / Ralston Ave / Belmont exit, and
    head east (Marine World Parkway).
  - Get into the left turn lane immediately and turn left on Oracle
    Parkway.  (If you miss the turn, the next left is also Oracle
    Parkway; the other end of the loop.)
  - The building nearest to the freeway on Oracle Parkway is building
    100.  Park in the lot outside or in the adjacent garage.
  - Walk in the main lobby and turn left.  The room opens directly off
    the lobby.  You don't need to go past security, but the lobby
    doors will be locked after 6pm, so someone will have to let you in.
    We will arrange for someone to be on hand to do this.

 From I-280 (either direction):
  - Take highway 92 eastbound.  From here you have a choice, depending
    on how bad traffic is:
    - Continue on highway 92 to US-101, then turn south on 101 and
      proceed as described above.
    - OR, take the Ralston Ave / Belmont exit off 92, drive through
      Belmont on Ralston, and then the road turns into Marine World
      Parkway as you cross 101.  Continue as described above.

 On public transit:
  - Take Caltrain to either the Belmont or San Carlos stations.
  - Take SamTrans line 260 from either station to the Redwood Shores
    area.  NOTE: the last buses depart Belmont at 6:18pm and San
    Carlos at 6:04pm.  So be early!
  - You might consider walking from Belmont Caltrain to Oracle; it's
    0.85 miles according to MapQuest.  Or bring a bicycle.
  - You may also be able to hop on the Oracle Caltrain shuttles at
    either station, but these are intended for people leaving Oracle,
    not arriving.  This option is not recommended.
  - Someone can drive you back to the train station after the meeting.

William R Ward            bill at wards.net          http://www.wards.net/~bill/
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