[svlug] Debian desktops from Gnome to KDE?

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Tue Jul 8 15:59:09 PDT 2003

on Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 09:27:27AM -0700, Erik Steffl (steffl at bigfoot.com) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self wrote:
> >on Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 11:24:04PM -0400, J C Lawrence (claw at kanga.nu) 
> >wrote:
> >>On Sun, 6 Jul 2003 00:00:59 +0100 
> >>Karsten M Self <kmself at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> >>>fvwm2 (if you used GNU/Linux a long time back, say, 1997-8 or before)
> >>Goshdunit man, them's fighting words!
> >
> >What I meant was:  fvwm2 was _the_ bog-standard window manager in those
> >days.  Some people haven't evolved ;-^
>   fvwm is still _much_ better (for me) then any alternative I have 
> tried. nothing I have seen comes close in configurability (and resulting 
> usability).
>   perhaps some people think that change == evolution?

Naw, just tweaking J C.  And you should _see_ his color schemes....

Back to the original poster's question for a moment, I'm merely
reemphasizing that the requests he's making for functionality are
addressed by virtually *every* vaguely mainstream WM.

On the resource-utilization front:

[karsten at superego:karsten]$ ( ps aux | head -1; ps aux | grep [a]ker )
karsten   9028  0.0  0.5  4852 2420 ?        S    Jul01   3:21 /usr/bin/WindowMaker

Though I've heard flux/black box can be very light as well.

Hell, I'm not one to eschew the bog-simple solution where it fits.  When
running VNC to a Win2K desktop recently, I launched it fullscreen from a
twm session.  The minimalism of twm means that it doesn't grab any keys
from the VNC environment, which was convenient.

My experience with fvwm2 is that its configurability is both blessing
and curse.  It _can_ be configured to death...but you pretty much have

That and I've always been vaguely annoyed at the inability to distinctly
color the frame and titlebar within fvwm2.  Not seriously annoyed, just


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