[svlug] Debian desktops from Gnome to KDE?

John McDonnell johnmc at johnmc.org
Tue Jul 8 09:49:39 PDT 2003

On the 8th day of July, Erik Steffl said to me:

> fvwm is still _much_ better (for me) then any alternative I have tried.

Way back in the before times[1] I used MWM. It sucked but was better than 
Windows 3.1. I then used fvwm, which was better. I found Windowmaker, 
which I preferred to fvwm (and windows 95). After that I discovered 
Enlightenment, which I used for a while (and preferred to windows 98 
*and* NT) before discovering Saw(mill|fish) and Gnome. I preferred this to 
Windows XP. I just switched to Metacity[2] and I have yet to find things 
that irk me. 

[1] OK, it wasn't all that long ago - 1995 - still before I used Linux
[2] As part of an upgrade to Red Hat 9

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