[svlug] i need a good cheap linux friendly dial-up provider

Tim Flagg timf at linuxmigration.com
Sat Jul 5 14:07:48 PDT 2003

> ...it looks like i will need
> a dial-up provider as a backup :( anyone know a good cheap
> linux friendly (meaning no windows sw needed to setup) here
> in the bay area?

I've been using "Access 4 Free" the past couple of months and it's worked
great so far with Linux.  Their rates are pretty good:
    - $4.95 signup
    - 10 hours a month free
    - $1/hour each hour above 10 hours, up to a maximum of $10/month
      for unlimited use.

Their web site:

They have POPs in the bay area, though I haven't looked into how
big of coverage they have, outside the bay area.  It looks like
they're based in Atlanta Georgia.


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