[svlug] i need a good cheap linux friendly dial-up provider

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Sat Jul 5 13:05:52 PDT 2003

hvrietsc at myrealbox.com writes:
>my dsl connection was flaky so often i had to move to cable
>now my cable keeps going out at times and the time to send
>a repair person is 1-2 weeks, so it looks like i will need
>a dial-up provider as a backup :( anyone know a good cheap
>linux friendly (meaning no windows sw needed to setup) here
>in the bay area?

Check out Sasquatch (www.sasquatch.com).  It's one of the few mom and
pop style ISP's left.  They're based in Santa Cruz but have POP's all
over the bay area.  They have good rates and they're nice folks too.

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